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A video card is typically an improvement from integrated video. High performance video card GPUs calculate and paint complex 3D image with surface textures and shading that is constantly changing.  A higher level GPU will also allow for more frames per second to be generated so the action will feel less choppy, more natural, and more realistic. In HD video the card is given the task of filling in any gaps, errors, or compression remnants in the video for a clean, smooth and clear appearance.  

The  types of video output ports that connect the card to your monitor are:

15 pin VGA (DB15) connector. 15 pin analog connector has rounded corners longer on the top then on the bottom.

DVI connector. Digital connectors roughly 1" x 1/2" and have a grid of 21 (3x7) square holes next to a section of 4 square holes.

HDMI Connector. Digital flat blade connector is common on HDTVs, approximately 1/2" wide by 1/16th Inch high. HDMI can carry both video & audio signals.

Display Port Connector. Digital connector is slightly smaller, but similar to HDMI. This is the best 4K connector and allows for more potential data throughput

All the cards we sell will have multiple connectors and can display to multiple monitors (see each video card detail for specifics)

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