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What Case Should I Buy?

All of the cases we sell fit all of the boards we offer on that page.
The main differences between cases are:

    • Number of drive spaces they have
    • Ease and convenience of access
    • Durability / quality / finish
    • Appearance of the case
    • Cooling design (number and size of fan locations / vents)
    • Special quiet design (usually sound insulated w special vent ports)
    • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Front Panel Connectors
    • Side Window or No Side Window

Each upgraded case that we offer has specific benefits in terms of appearance, cooling, and or reduced noise. The quality of the cases is very hard to quantify, but in general the tactile quality of the materials matches the cost. . For more detailed information on each case simply click on the details link with that case.

All the cases will have some type of front USB & audio. The most basic cases will have two USB 2.0 front ports. Mid level cases will have one USB 2.0 & one USB 3.0 front port. The highest priced cases will have two front USB 3.0

For optical drives / hard drives / SSD drives, know that a DVDRW or Blu-Ray drive is a 5.25" drive (external), a card reader is a 3.5" (external), a traditional hard drive uses a 3.5" (internal) bay, and a SATA SSD drive uses a 2.5" (internal) bay. You can easily get an adapter to mount a smaller drive in a larger bay or an internal drive in an external bay, but not the other way around.

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