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What Type Of Cooling Should I Buy?

The components in your system all generate heat. Better cooling helps with the speed and stability of your parts as well as the life span of the internal components. Keeping your system operating at a lower temperature helps with data integrity, system stability and longevity. Today's systems are designed to self regulate fan speed so having a properly arranged set of cooling fans also helps to keep noise levels at a minimum.

  • Liquid Coolers - Three sizes (Standard) 120mm & (XL) 240mm (XXL) 360mm - Are sealed, maintenance free circular systems that pump liquid through a conductive plate then through a radiator. 
  •  Heatpipe Coolers - Have a heavy base plate attached to copper heat-pipes that weave through thin aluminum or copper fins.
  • Upgraded Aluminum Coolers - Use a single piece heatsink with a greater mass and surface area to create more efficient cooling at a moderate cost.
  • Basic Coolers - Use less material and provide less surface area for the fans to dissipate the heat.

    Case Fans & Thermal Compound - We recommend two case fans to aid in airflow inside the computer. One to pull in and one to push out air. In our upgraded cooling packages special liquid thermal gel is applied in-between the base of the heat-sink and the top of the CPU to provide a dramatic improvement in thermal conductivity.
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