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We sell only full specification Kingston / Crucial / Samsung brand memory that is guaranteed 100% compatible with your motherboard and is true speed rated memory, not overclocked or modified in any way. Our memory will have full native timing support by your memory controller and it will function properly in single or multi-channel mode as set by your board 

 Memory Amount For very very basic use, 2GB of memory will allow a system to boot-up, 4GB will give a basic normal functionality, and 8GB or 16GB are now the standard amount of memory in a modern system. For power users  32GB, 64GB or more memory is a good option.  

Memory Types DDR3 & DDR4 are the current memory types available for all new systems. The older AMD socket FM2 / AM3 and Intel Socket 1150 motherboards use DDR3 memory, all other modern boards use DDR4 memory.

Memory Quality - What To Look For: We are selling the real thing. Memory is very tricky, because smaller 3rd party vendors can hide a lot underneath the heat-spreader. It is very very easy to buy low grade memory that looks dramatic and dynamic. As a general rule, the more dramatic and colorful a memory module is the lower the grade. Automatically, any memory that shows a speed higher than DDR4-2666 is an overclocked / XMP part, because there are no chips made at that speed. Any DDR4 part that runs DDR4 at a voltage over 1.2V is an overclocked part because DDR4 chips are designed for 1.2V operation and the only reason to raise this voltage is to make the part do something that it was not designed to do. Over-clocked / Over-volted parts will not run in native mode, can damage the board, chipset, or CPU and typically can not run in multi-channel mode, and will usually reduce total system performance and stability even if the frequency listed on the module can be nursed out of the part. The most common tech support call we take is on overclocked memory related problems. We strongly recommend that if you are buying memory at the time you are buying a bare-bones, combo, or system from us that you buy the memory from us as well.

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