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Importantly, we sell the best memory available. We sell only 1st tier, Kingston or Crucial brand native speed memory that is guaranteed 100% compatible with your motherboard and will run in native mode. Our memory is guaranteed 100% stable and will function properly in single or multi-channel mode. 

 Memory Type The memory modules we recommend and sell (DDR3-1600 for DDR3 systems & DDR4-2666 for DDR4 systems) are native / true speed parts. They comply with all Intel & AMD specifications to allow the native internal memory controllers to function exactly as designed. We do not offer pre-overclocked XMP parts with higher frequency numbers (DDR4-3200, 3800, 4266 etc) as we do not believe they increase real world performance, but they do reduce stability

 Memory Amount For very very basic use, 4GB will give very basic functionality. 8GB or 16GB are now the standard amount of memory in a modern system. For power users  32GB, 64GB, 128GB memory is a good option.

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