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A power supply takes the 110V AC current from the wall and converts it to three different DC volt outputs (3.3V, 5V, and 12V). The biggest reason to increase the size / type of power supplyis for a higher level video card, a large number of drives, or commercial or business use. Higher end power supplies are rated for more maximum amps and will be more durable

A power supply will have a certain number of 15 pin SATA connectors (for drives), 4 pin molex connectors (for fans), and the required connectors for the motherboard power. Some power supplies also have PCIe 6 pin or 8 pin connectors for video cards.

High end video cards often need separate power plugs to be populated with a corresponding plug from the power supply. The video card may have a single or multiple 6pin (75w) or 8pin (150W) plugs. Your power supply will need the correct plugs for your video card.

ATI Radeon R9 / RX and Nvidia Geforce GTX cards need a feature called Active PFC (Power Fault Control).Active PFC prevents a system reboot when these cards increase current usage for brief period

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