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There Are Three Current Types Of Storage Drives
  • M.2 NVMe / PCIe SSD - The most expensive & fastest for the ultimate performance machine (up to 3600 mb/sec continuous read speed)
  • SATA3 SSD - The most popular current drive type & a very good price to performance balance. A huge jump from mechanical drives (up to 600 mb/sec continuous read speed)
  • SATA3 Traditional / Mechanical Drive - The lowest cost drive type. Can still be used as the only drive in the system, but for best performance you should also have some type of SSD drive in the system for the operating system and applications. (continuous read speeds are approx 50 mb/sec)
Mechanical Hard Drives - contain a stack of rotating magnetic platters. As needed the drive head is moved to a section of the spinning disk and pulls the information. The RPM of a drive tells you how fast the platters are spinning inside the drive. The common rotational speed for modern desktop hard drives is either 5400rpm or 7200rpm. The drives we sell are always brand new SATA3 type drives. All of the drives we sell will have a manufacturing date in the last few months.

You can use any combination of the three drive types in your system.

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